Node list widget module containing NodeListWidget class.

class nodedge.node_list_widget.NodeListWidget(parent: Optional[PySide2.QtWidgets.QWidget] = None)

Bases: PySide2.QtWidgets.QListWidget

Node list widget class.

The list widget contains the declaration of all the available nodes.


parent (QWidget | None) – Qt’s widget parent

itemsPressed = <PySide2.QtCore.Signal object>
initUI() → None

Set up this NodeListWidget with its icon and Node.

addNodes() → None

Add available Node s in the list widget.

addNode(name, iconPath: Optional[str] = None, operationCode: int = 0)

Add a Node in the list widget.

startDrag(*args, **kwargs) → None

Serialize data when a user start dragging a node from the list, to be able to instantiate it later.

mousePressEvent(self, event:PySide2.QtGui.QMouseEvent)
staticMetaObject = <PySide2.QtCore.QMetaObject object>